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Mission & Vision


Monte Vista Street Elementary School will excel in providing a rigorous instructional program, which develops strong language and COMMUNICATION for all students through the ARTS and the use of TECHNOLOGY and SCIENCE.


The mission of Monte Vista Elementary School is to provide a high quality educational program to build the foundation for our students to achieve their maximum potential in today’s diverse multicultural society.

RESPECTFUL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Each student has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and accorded a safe and nurturing learning environment to meet his/her academic and social needs.

HIGH STANDARDS: All students have a right to a developmentally appropriate, standards based, and challenging educational program that integrates learning opportunities with high expectations.

DIVERSITY:    Value and respect for the language and cultures of students, parents, staff and communities are essential to student success.

COLLABORATION:    All stakeholders must be committed to high standards, which are critical for children’s academic success and must be included as full partners in children’s education.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to promote and to monitor high quality education practices to ensure student academic achievement.

CHARACTER: Stakeholders must be committed to ensuring students develop strong character traits such as responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, fairness, and respect.

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